I'm a software engineer
and sports addict.


Here's a sample of my work.

Rome Travel Guide

An app for tourists visiting Rome.


A simple expense tracker.

#1 in the App Store Utilities section!

Timer: Hiit, Crossfit, Tabata

A workout tracker for sports addict.


A 2D game of reaction speed.

Shake to Wake

An alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

Lumo Lift

Posture tracker and coaching app.

About me

A quick summary of my life so far!

  • 1991-2010

    Born and raised in Rome

    Rome is my home town, the place where my family and all my friends are, the place I've grown up to become the person I am now. I wouldn't change it for any other place I've seen - even the cool ones I talk about below!

  • 2010-2014

    University of Bristol, Uk

    Moved to Bristol not really knowing what to expect...well, turned out that the city is just great and getting a MEng in Computer Science was the best choice I could ever make! Four years passed by just too quickly...

  • 2015


    What better place than London to land my first job? Sure, the weather sucked and the commute wasn't much fun either...but working at SAM Labs taught me lots about startups and what it means to be a great software dev!

  • 2015-2018

    San Francisco and surroundings

    Landing a job at Lumo Bodytech and moving to San Francisco was nothing less than a dream coming true. Learned so much about iOS and tech, made so many good (good) friends, saw places I would go back again and again.

  • Work

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